Kitchen Christening

I’m going on two weeks here in Santiago and life is good.

My skin is starting to get a little color, the apartment is great, and my life is starting to pick up a rhythm. I still get nervous trying to make certain transactions. For example, I got an ice cream cone today ($1.50!!) and didn’t understand the flavor choices. So, I just went with chocolate (cho-co-la-tay) because I understood what he was saying. Damn, Chilean spanish is so fast!

Training for my new job (at BridgeEnglish) is going well but I’m still feeling really inexperienced as a teacher and am frustrated with the criticism. I hate feeling like I did something wrong and not being able to fix it right away. Teaching takes time. I’m just so impatience and wanna be the best! Right now! This second!

Como decimos en español…..tranquilo.

So this was supposed to be a food blog, right? Right. Well, to be honest, I’ve been concentrating a bit more on the job and apartment thing than the food thing. It’s been mostly spaghetti for a while. Lame. I know. But soon I will dig into the culinary heart of Santiago.

While my food adventures have been uneventful, I did manage to cook my first meal in my new apartment today! I made pollo y arroz. Okay….I didnt make the chicken. Give me time. The oven won’t be working til tomorrow, so I had to improvise.

But I did make the rice! I cooked it first in a little olive oil and tons of garlic, then boiled it. Then I put then chicken on top with some sliced tomatoes to give some flavor to the rice and soften the tomatoes a bit.

Topped it off with some palta (avocado) and a dash of ají and mostaza (mustard). Que rico.

The mustard here is really sweet, which I like. It’s more like a sweet and sour flavor. It goes great with ají, and is awesome on papas fritas.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ají, it basically just means hot pepper. The one I’ve seen most commonly here is yellow and super spicy like a jalapeño. They use aji to make pebre. Pebre (pey-bray) is very similar to pico de gallo. I’ll get into it more later. Need to do a bit more research.

Because I’m a hot sauce addict, I picked up some Aji sauce at the super market today. Good stuff. I made sure I got the Chilean kind 😉

That’s all for now on the food front. Stay tuned for Chilean sushi, wine, and more on pebre. But for now, I’m just gonna eat avocado and eggs til I have a protein overload.

In other news, I recently bought tickets for Lollapalooza in Santiago this weekend. Can’t WAIT. But, for now, time to listen to some Chilean bands, drink wine, and review some notes for my job.


Grace Geiger



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4 responses to “Kitchen Christening

  1. Dad

    Can I have some pollo y arroz?

  2. Karen Sandy

    Hey Miss Grace, nice to read your blogging from Santiago. Love the pix of your food! I’m sure you will be fantastico in the classroom. It is a communicative approach taken, no? And you excel at communicating in any language 🙂

    • Thanks Karen. Yeah, it’ all communicative business English. I just get nervous when evaluated. Had a bad first demo interview at another place which lowered my confidence…but you can’t be perfect the first time!

  3. amy

    pebre is amazing. i’ve never been able to recreate it.

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