Completos: The Chilean Hot Dog

Hola hola!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a long week…time to have some fun.

Today I finished my last day of training at Bridge and got classes for next week (YIKES). My first class is far away with two people at a big bank. We also signed contracts and got everything in line to process visas. Soon I’ll be a real Chilean with a RUT and ID card. Grace, la chilena. It was exciting finish all the training and I’m excited to get started. To prepare, I picked up some teacher-y things; a teacher bag, pens, binders, and white board pens. Now I’m all set! I also couldn’t help but purchase a fanny pack.

“Whhhaaatt?” you might say? “A fanny pack?”. I’m telling you, it’s all the rage here. The girls wear ’em on their hips in bright colors. It’s hipster fashion South American style. Since I’m going to Lollapalooza this weekend (SO PUMPED), it actually seemed like a fairly practical investment. Nothing is worse than being at a concert with a huge bag on your shoulder. You wanna be hands free, cachai? We’ll see if I can pull it out/not get robbed while wearing it.

Guess good old Dad was right. They ARE useful 😉

Yesterday I met up with Titus. It was his first day here. It was great not only to meet up with a friend, but a Mac grad English major no less. He’s still barely sorta getting it all together (2nd day here), but it was nice to get a beer and a COMPLETO:

Completos are what they call hot dogs here. There are many, many different kinds. Completos, or italianos (red (tomate), white (mayo) and green (palta) like the Italian flag) are usually served with mashed palta (avocado), chucrut (sauerkraut…little german influence there), pickled veggies or pebre (tomato and aji salsa) or just tomatoes, and a large dollop of mayo.

If you can imagine, Titus and I got the “chico” size. This place is located right in the heart of Bellas Artes called Doggis. It is always packed.

Hmmm…suggestive, much?

I dream in avocados.

Truth is, I can’t claim to be the first to do a piece on the completo. A while back, Anthony Bourdain did his own investigation, so I’m a little late to the game. But really, you gonna try it to believe it!

The evening also included watching a man spinning around furiously while drumming/dancing, and a poor weon puking on himself and others. This was Thursday, mind you, at around 7pm.

Titus was fascinated. I’m just glad we didn’t get puked on.

I also had an awesome Road House spotting!

Gotta check this place out as an homage to the Swayze.

I love Bellas Artes.

Until next time…

Cuidate y disfruta tu fin de semana!

Oh, and as a homage to the hot dog and to Eric and Coco back in the States, here is the Mickey Mouse hot dog song

Completo Hot Dog — Best Dog Of Life



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2 responses to “Completos: The Chilean Hot Dog

  1. Dad

    Thanks for the plug, but yours is cuter I’m sure. Liked the Mickey Mouse hot dog song. Did you finish your completo?

  2. Amy

    If you’ve got a fanny pack, you really are on the way to becoming a real Chilean. I’m so proud.

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