Sopa de Porotos and The Nutmeg Experiment

¡Buenos Tardes!

Today was a free day for me because my class got cancelled (cancelled early to, so no pay). Since work seems to be slow going, I figure its best to take advantage of the free time while I have it.

However, despite the free time, this last week has been kinda miserable because of my stinkin’ allergies! I’ve been sneezing for a while, but in the last few days, it has become like having a cold 24/7. I wake up in the morning feeling like a new loaf of bread…that is with a heavy crust over my face (gross).  I read online about these colares de nuez moscada which are essentially just nutmeg nuts on strings which you wear around your neck. Apparently, the nutmeg is supposed to help with allergies, especially with allergies to a tree called plátanos orientales. They have big leaves, like the Canadian maple tree, and love causing me misery. Unfortunately, my alternative medicine approach failed (sorry Mom!). I was sniffing that nut the whole day with no results (nut sniffing…yeah yeah…it’s funny). So, I had to pick up some meds, and was lucky to get some non-drowsy (no sueño) anti-histamine. It seems to be working more or less…hopefully I’ll feel better by tomorrow.

(Necklace pictured above)

This afternoon I met up with Titus for lunch in Bellas Artes and he recommended I try this bean stew called porotos, which is a Spanish white bean. I ordered porotos con longaniza (pork sausage) and it was delicious…I have to learn how to make this. The soup is made with pumpkin, basil, beans, and red pepper. It needed a little salt, but was very filling and hearty.

After lunch, we went to the Memory and Human Rights Museum an the Quinta Normal stop on the green line. It was very interesting, especially having taken a class on South American dictators at Mac. Guess school does pay off sometimes. It was a very pretty museum and I really enjoyed all the video and audio media combined with brightly colored visuals, letters, and memorabilia. I had no idea that they used such horrible means of torture during Pinochet’s dictatorship, like the electrocution methods….awful. It wasn’t the most uplifting visit, but it was inspiring to know they are trying to keep the memories of the victims en vivo.

On a lighter note, I’m excited to go to La Vega tomorrow, the big seafood market downtown and then go to the work party at Bridge. In the mean time, while my cooking continues to be lame, I did pick up some new fruits, including some tunas (prickly pears) and another fruit that is yellow and purple. More on Chilean fruit later.

A chopped up tuna. Lots of seeds….but the juice was good!

I am now failing into a deep, allergy induced coma and must leave more details for another post…




Porotos Granados



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5 responses to “Sopa de Porotos and The Nutmeg Experiment

  1. Yo hija,
    find out how to make the soup!

  2. Amy

    Try cazuela. SO GOOD. I still miss it. As for fruit, have you tried cherimoya flavored everything? And it looks like I see a pepino!

  3. Karen Sandy

    interesting food photos

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