Felíz Cinco de Mayo!

Yes, I realize that it’s a Mexican/American holiday and not a Chilean one, but it’s a great holiday because it involves Mexican food and strong drinks! Two of my favorite things.

To celebrate, I made some of my mom’s awesome Mango Salsa with baked white fish and black beans and a few avocado slices (errr… a whole avocado). The only thing I did different was add some tomatoes, lemon juice (no limes here!) and ají instead of jalapeño

It was a little taste of home away from home. I’ll have to make some huevos rancheros soon to commemorate our annual, Christmas time huevos rancheros parties where Dad and I would do tortillas and eggs made to order. Only one person could eat at a time, but we made sure everyone had a strong margarita to make up for it.

Since I have work tomorrow, I won’t be celebrating drink-o de mayo style but I’ll try and make it up this weekend.

Speaking of celebrations, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Miss you both.

But, why stop with Cinco de Mayo? I would eat Mexican food everyday if I could. Here’s some awesome recipes to get your mexi-fix for the whole week!

Fresh Tortilla Soup Fresh and soothing with a kick of lime.

Chili con Carne Best chili recipe ever.

Grace’s Chicken Mole (That’s right, I’m on Cookus!) Pretty much famous for this one

Chili Rellenos Never tried ’em? You havn’t lived. Awesome for breakfast the next day.

Tacos Three Ways Taco Party!

Mexican Rice Delicious and nutritious. Serve with above dishes.

Cilantro Fish Tacos Baja fresh.

Arroz con Pollo Traditional and filling.

[Addendum: I’m sorry that all my plates have flowers and look cheap. It’s all I have. Cheap plates and a little canon zoom. The photography is severely lacking. However, my roommate happens to be an excellent photography….so..better photos soon? Without shadows? And horrible lighting?]


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  1. Amy

    I was thinking about last year’s cinco de mayo feast, and the 4 different kind of tacos we came up with. SO GOOD. This year wasn’t quite as epic on the food front, I was sad!

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