May is Teeth Month: Mi muela del juicio and a new diet plan

Hi Everybody!

Whoosh, it’s been a long, interesting week.

I had been feeling my wisdom tooth (muela del juicio) aching on Monday and Tuesday and thought this was just normal, growing pains. Nothing a little ibuprofen couldn’t cure.

Then, Wednesday I woke up with a puffy cheek and could hardly chew my food. I knew there was trouble. My original thought was terror and panic. A dentist? In Chile? How will I find one? How much will it cost? How do I describe a dull ache in Spanish? Or puffy cheek…

[Sad, puffy grace Grace with an ice pack]

After much panic and a few tears (also due to pain) I finally found a dentist and went in to figure it out. The dentist was very nice and helpful and spoke excellent English. The diagnosis was what I expected; an infected wisdom tooth, and they both need to come out. So, I got a prescription for an antibiotic, amoxicillin I believe, and am scheduled to go in to get my top and bottom wisdom teeth removed on the right side  of my mouth on the 27th of May. Until then, no alcohol and I’m on antibiotics to help with the infection.

So far, so good. The pain and swelling have decreased dramatically and I should be fine to teach for the next two weeks (losing work is one of my biggest concerns), but unfortunately, my diet has been less than inventive. For a while I was basically only eating easy to chew foods, like..

Puré de Papas:

and Yogurt:

But I’m feeling much better and hopefully will cook something inventive before the surgery (Pastel de papas?). Post surgery I’ll be lucky to get jello in my mouth.

So! Stressful week to be sure, but I did have a nice weekend despite everything. Yesterday and Katie and her roommate Christina and I went to Barrio Brasil to check it out. Honestly, I don’t really get the fuss, but maybe I just needed a tour guide. It was pretty, and we definitely had fun.

We got some delicious ice cream at this place called Emporio La Rosa

Katie’s housemate, Christina, recommended I get the miel del ulmo (honey). It was amazing.

Today was beautiful and it was great to play a little soccer and exercise and I’m excited to get dinner with my housemate Amanda. Sushi? Maybe splurge a bit? Hope that’s okay. We’ll see when rent comes around.

Potato Pie O Pastel De Papas



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2 responses to “May is Teeth Month: Mi muela del juicio and a new diet plan

  1. Amy

    DIDN’T SEE WHAT THE FUSS IS ALL ABOUT??? I love Barrio Brasil. There’s the Taller del Sol, a left wing activist bookshop/cultural center there that my Swedish friends and I would go to and watch documentaries about the dictatorship, and the guy who worked there would tell us these crazy stories about when he was in internal exile and stuff like that. It was amazing.

    I’m so sorry about all the tooth disasters. If it’s any consolation, the puree de papas and boiled hot dogs was all my hostmom fed me for 6 months, and I wasn’t too much worse for the wear by the end… FEEL BETTER. I’m sending good vibes your way! Te amo.

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