The Wisdom Tooth Saga: Final Episode

Happy Friday everyone! Everyone loves a friday, full of promise for the weekend to come.

This friday is however, a bit less exciting because I’m getting my wisdom teeth out today. I sincerely hate all things related to teeth, blood, and dentists, so this is gonna take some deep breaths. Luckily I have many kind friends willing to assist me in this fun little adventure, but I’m definitely not excited.

Puts quite the hamper on the weekend, I must say. Although, I can’t say I’ve been too adventurous in the mean time. But, it’s the little things, right?

Like, my undying, unquenchable love for the abundance of fresh mango and avocados. Seriously. The mangos are just perfectly golden and the avocado silky and creamy. My favorite way to eat them? SALSA:

This batch was especially good.

And empanadas. I wish I could say I don’t eat them all the time, but I do. I love the cheese and mushroom and shrimp and cheese, but I recently been really into the pino with beef, onions, a slice of hard-boiled egg and an olive (with the pit!! annoying).

This is my last bit of chewable food for a while…

Also, I caved in and bought some slippers, which I love:

And a blanket for my wall:

Ahhh. my room feels much better! Less like a dorm room.

In preparation for this interesting post-op weekend, I’ve stocked up on the goods:

We got some blackberry yogurt, jello, and these amazing puddings I found. All that is missing is some Pineapple ice cream.

Okay! All set, got the movies downloaded. Rip em out!

Grace Geiger


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One response to “The Wisdom Tooth Saga: Final Episode

  1. Amy

    The pino empanadas are absolutely the best. I miss them a ton, my attempts to recreate them just haven’t done it justice.

    I also have the same blanket you do, it’s on my couch as we speak! Love it.

    Good luck with the dental extravaganza, querida!!

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