Winter Camping and Sushi, Chilean-Style

Well, good news everyone. I survived my wisdom teeth surgery. Miraculous, I know. Apparently dentists are equally as nice and helpful in Chile as back home (maybe more so??). I had local anesthesia, which was a little scary (they put me under this blanket thing with a hole for my mouth?? Creepy). The first tooth was a nightmare. It took around 40 minutes and involved drilling, more drilling, smoke from drilling so much, and then a horrible crack when they split my tooth in half. FUN. The second tooth was no problem.

When they were done, I took a cab home and began my epic movie marathon (Blue Valentine, The Fighter, The Illusionist (cartoon), Biutiful, and Dexter). By Sunday, I was fine and taught all my classes the following week. I was exhausted, but managed and by Friday was ready to go “camping” which basically meant staying the night at a friend’s Cabin in Lo Barnechea. We had a great time, 3 gringas and 3 Chilean and there was lots of pisco and an outrageous amount of carne.

So here I am, with a brief moment to myself to reflect on the almost 3 months I’ve been here in Santiago. On the whole, I’m still happy but have gotten a few pangs of homesickness which is normal. The “thrill” of newness is wearing off but I’m very happy that I’m beginning to develop more of a routine here between work and social life and my income is looking less hopeless. It’s been tough juggling all the my classes and traveling so far to teach, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Things I do miss very much are Olive, good coffee, my dryer, good thai food, my mom’s cooking, and Target. However, the wine, avocados, constant walking, sun, pisco, and mountains are helping to balance the equation. It’s the end of fall here in Santiago and the leaves are beautiful shades of red and gold. The weather is usually in the 60s during the day but dips dramatically past 6pm to a chilly 35-40. I’ve invested in polar tech leggings but might need to bite the bullet and buy a real coat.

What about food you ask? Sigh. Well, the wisdom tooth fiasco put a real dent on the cooking, though I’ve been cooking plenty, just not Chilean things. Mostly lentil soup, pasta and veggies, toast with a fried egg and avocado, and rice. Boring.

Only thing I managed to photograph was a quick trip with Amanda to our local sushi joint called “Sushi Face”. Oh, Sushi Face. It wasn’t very good, but either is most sushi here. Overwhelming amounts of avocado with no fish to speak of and rice with flavor….sigh. It hurts my northwest heart. The salmon is disgusting. All around fail. But, it does LOOK pretty…

I mean, why eat sushi if it’s gonna suck? Someone here told me it’s cause Chile wants to be like L.A. so sushi became the hip, cool thing a few years ago. It’s not cool to just eat sushi, it’s cool to eat delicious sushi! They don’t understand. What is sushi without tuna? or hamachi? or yellowtail?  Everything on the menu was like a different combination of avocado, shrimp and cream cheese. Or even , avocado wrapped in avocado….

But, enough whining (unless there is wine involved). Today was good, I got a powercord for my mac and cashed a paycheck (even though it took like an hour because it was at the Santander and I had to take a number just to get helped. It was like the bank was the DMV. So ridiculous.) so life is good. One more really busy today then I’m almost free!

I hope everyone both in Chile and the States and happy and well. Even though I’m jealous it’s summer in the good ol’ U S of A. It’s soooo cold here!

Tuna Sushi Roll



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2 responses to “Winter Camping and Sushi, Chilean-Style

  1. amy

    Sushi there is a joke. But they try… Sounds like your camping adventure was magical, jealous!

  2. Very cute pic of my beautiful daughter.

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