Valpo and Viña: Round 2

This weekend was a long weekend because yesterday was a bank holiday. Even though I’m poor, I decided it was best to take advantage of this and went to Valpo and Viña for the weekend with Amanda and her two Chilean friends Matias and Rocio.

We had a great time and it was fun not only to see Valpo again, but to get a little more in-depth tour from a native. Not to mention, the obscene amounts of food I ate. Whoops.

On Saturday, we walked around the city quite a bit and then had lunch at Cafe Vinilo (Vinyl Cafe). The food was expensive, but worth it, and I loved that they had the Beatles on repeat.

I ordered the pulpo al ajillo, but they were out and I got oysters instead. They came in a delicious creamy cheese sauce with a little spice and some toasted bread drizzled with cilantro oil. Oh, and of course, some Chilean wine.  Ooh la la.

Amanda got a tasty tomato appetizer  filled with carmelized onions and we shared some ceviche.

Matias got a meat dish (pork I believe..) that came with a quinoa, sausage and cilantro side dish and Rocio got the albacore with cooked  mix vegetables. The fish would literally melt in your mouth.

It was so nice to have some well made food in such a nice little cafe. I’ve been mostly eating lentils and soup for months now and this was probably the most expensive meal I’ve had to date. To be honest, I’ve been giving Chile a hard time, especially with the food. I’m constantly whining about how they use to much salt, not enough vegetables, etc. However, after this meal, I think maybe the key is to go all out. There is quite a difference between expensive Chilean food and sandwiches in the local diner.

After a long night of dancing at El Huevo (A dance club with like six different themed rooms) we ventured to Viña the next day to explore the beach and of course, eat more seafood.

After a beautiful day at the beach, we went to this cute little whole in the wall seafood place. It was cheap and delicious. Two of my favorite things. I ordered (thanks to some Chilean advice) the Chupe de Mariscos which is like a seafood chowder/stew with cheese and lots of mussels and clams. So good!

After our meal we headed back to the hotel (a cute little place run by an elderly French guy. It was maritime themed. So cute) and took a nap before heading out for Chorillana. That’s right, more food.

We started with pan and pebre, Cristal (beer of champions) and empanadas. Claro.

By the time the Chorillana came I was already full but ate anyway. Behold, the most unhealthy combination ever: french fries, meat, onions, spices, and eggs. In a heap.

After our coma inducing, one billion calorie meal, we walked up the hill to our hostel. No, it didn’t feel good. Worth it though.

A great weekend filled with great people and good food. What more could you want?

Chilean Empanadas


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