4th of July in Chile: Haircuts and Deviled Eggs

Yes, I know its July 3rd but here in Chile we don’t get the Monday off. Shocking, I know.

In order to celebrate our strong American pride (I mean, clearly, given we all came  down here to get work cause there is no work back home) we decided to have a get together last night to celebrate Amur’ca with some down home cooking and of course, beer. Gotta say gringos, the food was excellent. Ribs, corn dogs, french fries, and pork sliders? Be still my (no longer beating due to an artery clogged) heart. I contributed with my typical picnic contribution; deviled eggs.

Now, listen, I know. Deviled eggs are not exactly the most imaginary or inventive dish and they definitely are NOT Chilean, but I think I make a mean batch (thanks to my mom’s early guidance) and I don’t think you can beat a good deviled egg. They may not be may with capers or anchovies or anything fancy like that but they are delicious and get the job done.

Mom’s Quick and Easy Deviled Eggs


6-8 hard-boiled eggs (for hard boiling instructions, click here)

1-2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard (it has to be Dijon. Grey Poupon is the best. I actually just read a short story by Malcolm Gladwell in What The Dog Saw explaining Grey Poupon’s excellence).

1/4 cup of mayonnaise

a dash of dill pickle juice (the key to it all)



smoked paprika


Peel the eggs and cut them in half, dumping the cooked yolks into a small mixing bowl. Put the egg white halves on a plate. Next, make sure to mash the yolk until it is crumbled into a fine power. This is the key to the perfect filling. Make sure you mash it really well. Next, add the mayo, Dijon, dill pickle juice, and salt and pepper and stir until well blended. You want to make sure there is enough mayo that it is creamy, but not watery. Next, put the mixture into a small plastic Ziploc. Push the filling into one corner and cut off the very tip of the bag. Use the bag like a frosting funnel to put the filling into the egg. I like to swirl it so it looks fancy. Finally, sprinkle with paprika and some chopped chives if you have them.

Please excuse the picture in a Tupperware. I didn’t exactly have a choice. They had to be transported!

After my long weekend in Valpo of horribly greasy food (and hair) I decided to take the issue into my own hands. First I pledged to stick to veggies and water for a while. Next, I went for a haircut on Friday with Amanda. My first haircut ever abroad! I remember I got my bangs trimmed in Spain, but that was it. Amanda and I had appointments for 2:30 but were not helped until 4pm. Interesting. However, the guy was recommended and it was worth it. He was very nice and explained everything twice.It’s hard to remember all the hair terminology! I managed to remembers capas (layers) and chasquilla (bangs) but struggled to get much farther than that. It was pricey (about 40 dollars) but I was so happy to get rid of those split ends.

As part of my pro-veggie anti-pan movement, I decided to roast some squash. Man, I’m telling you, simple cooking is the best. Just take a vegetable, add a little olive oil and salt, and stick on high heat til it gets soft and crispy. Hard to beat.

Yum, right? You can do this squash sweet or savory. For a succulent sweet version, sprinkle with brown sugar and a little butter (No brown sugar in Chile sadly). If savory is more your thing, try a little balsamic vinegar and maybe some goat cheese.

Stay tuned for more CHILEAN food soon. Maybe a drinks edition?

To all my American viewers, Go America. Drink some beer and blow some stuff up. Happy 4th!

Angelic Deviled Eggs



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3 responses to “4th of July in Chile: Haircuts and Deviled Eggs

  1. annie

    Truly awesome eggs! Also, has anyone ever told you you look like Alison Hannigan? Esp. in that photo!

  2. Dad

    Those deviled eggs look great, Bud. Send me one! And what is better than simply prepared squash. How can you go wrong.

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