Homecooking and my new Chilean I.D.!

Happy Friday everyone!

Tonight,  I’m taking a night off from the 24/7 party that is Chile. I taught a night class and then came home, put on my comfy slippers, poured some wine, and here I am.

But, I muss confess, I’ve failed you. Once again, I’ve been struggling to make Chilean food as apart of my normal routine. This is mostly due to do my very low income ( rice and lentils, repeat) and also because I can’t seem to fight the urge to make my own version of comfort food.

For example, last week I made Asian Noodle Salad which always reminds me of home and  my mom.

Then a few nights ago I made sauteed purple cabbage with apples, sugar, and vinegar. I served it with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, sausages, and a little dijon mustard. Quick fix German food. The only thing vaguely Chilean here is the sauerkraut (chucrut)

It may not look that gourmet, but the flavors are lovely! This is an easy, cheap dish to make at home.

Then today, I decided to make some egg salad and it turned out fabulous. I mixed the eggs with mayo, a little dijon, curry powder, salt, pepper and cayenne. It hit the spot. I always forget about egg salad, and I tend resort to tuna for a quick sandwich (it’s a little less maintenance), but this was an awesome alternative.

We had a brunch last weekend at my house where I made these potatoes, and I even took a stab at making kimchi with purple cabbage!

I soaked the cabbage in salt water overnight, then added ginger, red pepper, carrot, green onion, and vinegar and let it ferment for four days. It was not bad! I’d probably prefer napa cabbage next time though…

Made for some excellent make shift bi bim bap! (fried rice with spinach, sauerkraut, kimchi and a fried egg with hot sauce).

So, as you can see, I definitely was cooking, just not Chilean things. Hopefully you at least got some inspiration for some quick, easy, and cheap meals to make at home.

But, good news my fellow foodies, this weekend I’m going on a wine tour and I’m also going skiing! Doesn’t get more Chilean than that. And, in anticipation, I bought a hat..

And, even more exciting, I’m now an official, temporary resident of Chile! (sorry the photo is backwards)


I’ve now been in Chile just a little over four months and despite the nasty cold winter, it’s been absolutely incredible. When I think back to my first few weeks, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short time.

Stay tuned for a wine and skiing post, and maybe even an empanada experiment! (I’ve been promising that for a while now….)

Ciao! Nos Vemos!

P.S. (See a trend in all these recipes? Ingredients? This is the definition of making your groceries last, purple cabbage (3 meals), dijon (egg salad, sausage))




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4 responses to “Homecooking and my new Chilean I.D.!

  1. you are an awesome combination of real trooper and kitchen ingenue 🙂 Love reading your blog!

  2. I want to eat at your house. Not kidding. Love the purple cabbage kimchee – pretty.

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