Snowboarding (Falling) down the Andes

Good evenin’ errbody!

I hope you are less exhausted than me. I find my nightly ritual has become a bit depressing lately-I stumble into wool socks, polar leggings, and then procide to pour myself a generous glass of Chilean vino and MAYBE manage to surf the internet for about an hour before hitting the hay. Working from 7am-8pm will do that to you. Especially when you carry like 10 lbs of books on your back all day and walk everywhere…..Can I get some wine with that whine?

Tonight I decided to pop an Ibuprofen to balance out my wholesome wine and chocolate dinner (Such a woman) because, I’m still FREAKING SORE from last weekend’s glorious ski/snowboard trip.

I had an excellent time with Katie and Rocio last Sunday as we adventured into those glorious white, snow capped mountains. No denying it, I’m not a great skier or snowboarder. I’ve gone….maybe…5 times in my life, and it never really stuck. BUT, I really wanted to go to just get myself  into the mountains and see the Andes for myself, even if that meant just falling down a hill for a few hours. I mean, at least I got really up and personal with the snow??

The drive up was gorgeous:

We even saw some cows.

Katie and I were very excited, especially about the gear. That is, until we found out we had to drag it everywhere….bummer.

Some of us may have had more fun than others when it actually came to skiing. Katie was a beginner beginner, and she spent most of the time frustrated and horizontal. I was able to get down the bunny hill without falling, and even down the big hill behind it, but that was about it. The “lift” or torturous-device-between-your-legs-death-trap, almost killed me. The first time I did it, I was awkwardly  (violently) flung 20 feet and then dragged up the hill. Not cute. Also, as the day went on, I got more and more tired (sucking is difficult) and began falling a lot, harder each time (I had one particularly good face plant). Eventually Katie and I called it quits and hung out in the sun at the resort, but we made sure to get a photo opt. DUH!

 Special shout out to Rocio, our Chilean saint friend, who graciously helped us special gringas through our most trying, ski/snowboard attempts and acted as a guide through uncharted mountain territory. Thanks girl!

Proof I could make it down the bunny hill. Winning.

My lovely companions.

I came home happy, but beat up. Lesson learned, the mountain always wins.


Found two, new, delicious discoveries at my local market (across the street! so awesome!)

1. Beet salad in a bag (only 700 pesos=1.25 dollars) with thin sliced onions and cilantro. Put some balsamic and mustard vinaigrette on that sucker, and BAM. Nom nom beet salad. For another yummy beet salad recipe, see my other blog here

Also, delicious, 300 peso pebre. Equally nom-tastic.

Excited for a relaxing weekend after a long, exhausting, draining week!

Is it summer yet? It is at HOME…sigh.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy, in Chile or otherwise!

Beet Salad With Peppers and Lettuce


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