¡Finalmente! ¡Primavera!

Howdy bloggers,

I was inspired to use the Spanish double exclamation marks after reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Now that I teach grammar, punctuation has also become more interesting and this book made my think about myself as a writer. I do try and vary punctuation–a semi colon here, a dash there, but I think all writers could do with a refresher!

I am currently enjoying a very relaxing Thursday here in Santiago. All but one of my classes were cancelled today, which is terrific, but tough on the bank account. But, what’s new right? The sun is shining and 70 degrees, so I ain’t complaining.

To celebrate the arrival of all things spring, I bought things. Ah, commercialism at its finest. My idea of a splurge is about 10,000 luca (20 dollars…)

I got some summer tops….

Some cups and a pitcher for lemonade…

 I even bought a hat! Chile chic, verdad?

I’ve stocked up on cilantro and palta. I even bought some tanning lotion so I can be less gringa pale. Its the thought that counts 🙂

And my lovely momma sent me a great little package, with nail polish, bobby pins, and these fabulous shoes! Perfect for a teacher who walks all over.

I’m really excited for Fiestas Patrias (el Dieciocho) this weekend (also a little nervous). For those of you who don’t know, Fiestas Patrias is Chilean Independence Day and basically involves a four-day, non-stop party. There are Chilean flags everywhere, and  ASADO MADNESS. At the Lider today, I saw at least 5 people with two whole carts full of food. Mostly meat.

Besides grilling and flags, there are a few other activities worth mentioning:

1) Fondas: Fondas are stands set up during Fiestas Patris with food like empanadas, anticuchos (shish kebobs), and chicha (a fermented  grape drink…dangerous).

2) Ramadas: Like fondas,with a little tented area with a thatched roof. These usually have tables to eat at and maybe a dance floor

3) Cueca: Cueca is THe traditional Chilean dance. It involves scarf waving and stomping. Good times.

4) Huasos: Chilean cowboys! yee-haw!

For more info, check out the This is Chile Facebook page. Its much more informative.

Currently, I have lots of BBQing planned with friends, a Chico Trujillo concert on Sunday (yay!!) and a birthday party Saturday night. I hope I make it out alive!

Oh wait….this is supposed to be a food blog? Whoops. Okay, here’s some Phad Thai I made for lunch.

you can find the recipe on my old food blog, here.


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  1. good purchases! Pad Thai looks yummy. Love the hat.

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