Echinuca: Celebrating Chilean Cuisine

Over the weekend, in Vitacura, there was a three-day food and wine festival called Echinuca. The purpose of the event was to celebrate  the best of Chilean cuisine and to promote Chile’s national dishes in order to push for more global attention in the culinary world. Amanda and I went Saturday afternoon excited to check it out.

The event consisted of a large, tented outdoor area filled with lots of individual vendor booths selling everything from artisan goat cheese, sea salts, olive oil, jams, spreads, ham, and much more. Most of the products were locally made and we had a great time going around sampling products.

Some of the larger stands served food like mussels, pastel de choclo, chorillana, etc. I ordered some oysters for about 4 dollars, which were okay. Not great. But I really enjoy eating oysters anyway.

There was also an outdoor grilling area with some seriously impressive meat displays and one larger than life paella bubbling in the corner.

Amanda and I both loved all the spicy jams and came home with two stellar picks. I got the smokey merkén flavored jam (merken is all the rage, don’t you know) and she got the rocoto jam (rocoto is a spicy peruvian pepper). Can’t wait to spread it on some crackers with crema de queso!

I ended up getting a little excited and spending too much money (I can’t live without artisan jam and a locally brewed beer! Whoa is me) , but it was basically like being in a little Grace heaven. The artisan goat cheeses  (there was one made with ají that was AWESOME) were especially mind-boggling.

I’m off to the beach in Viña to relax and enjoy my Sunday.

¡Hasta Luego!


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