Ode to Bacon

On this relaxing, calm Sunday afternoon I decided to write about one of my favorite foods. To celebrate its glory, if you will. I am not a poet, so all I can do gush, rather crudely, about one of my favorite foods in the world: BACON.

Inspired by my friends Annie and Jessie who said they buy bacon all the time, I decided this was something I had to have. A little taste of home in a sea of papas fritas and palta.

Besides eggs Florentine, my favorite breakfast in the world is the most simple, American breakfast on the menu: One egg fried over medium, two pieces of wheat toast (buttered), two pieces of crispy bacon, and a strong, rich, coffee. Cant beat it. At home, my mom buys this incredible Skagit Ranch bacon that makes me want to cry a little, and she buys farm fresh eggs from a friend nearby. Unfortunately, I don’t have those things here, so I made do which some regular old bacon and eggs. But still. Heaven.


Because my roommate is vegetarian and i don’t have any ziplocs, I ended up eating bacon all week, everyday, so it wouldn’t go bad (Yeah, that’s why I did it). I made some epic B.L.Ts (I’m a purist and believe in nothing more that iceberg, mayo, and tomato on my sandwiches) and a few B.L.A.T. (with avocado).

I also decided to be really nice to myself one day a made a Chilean version of a cobb salad (I don’t have blue cheese anywhere near me).

The recipe for the dressing came from my other, older blog. To see for yourself, click here.

This salad was jam-packed with hardboiled egg, avocado, tomato, and bacon. Oh nom nom.

I realize that my cooking has been U.S. centered recently, but I’m hoping to make another dive into Peruvian food soon. Ceviche? Rocoto Relleno? Any recommendations?

Me and Becky in Bellavista…


Very excited as we move into Spring here in Santiago. Amy Ledig is visiting soon, then it’s my birthday, Halloween, and then in late November, Buenos Aires!


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One response to “Ode to Bacon

  1. Inspired by your BLT I made a BGCPRO (too many letters)
    Bacon, goat cheese and pickled red onion sandwich. And some aruglua from the garden.

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