La Reina de la Carrete Returns to Chile

I was extremely excited this week to have one of my best college friends, Amy Ledig, come to visit me in Santiago. She is partly responsible for me being here in the first place because of her raving reviews post study abroad. While here, Amy was deemed “La reina de la carrete” and she was excited to come back and relive some study abroad memories.

We had a lot of fun, trying to squeeze in as much as possible in between me teaching and her sister Jenny’s classes.

We got a delicious breakfast at Cafe Melba by El Golf…

That’s right, American style breakfast! a little taste of home abroad. With palta, obvio.

We also went out for Peruvian food the first night at Olán near Parque Bustamente metro.

Machas a la parmesana (Chilean, but who cares)

Tiriditos de reineta….

Pisco sours, of course.

We also met up with Jenny’s friends from study abroad and went to SchopDog, a touristy, but fun Chilean staple.

It was so fun having one of my closest friends here especially one who speaks spanish and knows the city so well. The only thing we weren’t able to squeeze in was  a trip to La Vega, and that’s because we got pick pocketed on the metro, which put on a damper on things. Sigh, such is life.

It was too short, but I’m so glad she got to come out and visit!

Currently, I’m prepping for a long weekend (Monday and Tuesday off) in Pichulemu (which includes my birthday on Tuesday) and I’m really excited! Halloween is sort of taking a back seat, but I don’t mind. I’ve had many Halloweens, but have never been to Pichilemu, so I’m fine with it.

Happy Halloween to those back in states, hope you wear something really SPOOKY! 🙂


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One response to “La Reina de la Carrete Returns to Chile

  1. Amy

    DAME LAS MACHAS! I have to figure out how to make those, so good. I had such a great visit, miss you!

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