This last Thursday was a feriado (holiday) so I decided to make it a long weekend and take a trip down south to Pucón. I’d heard so many great things about it and was very excited.

I was not disappointed.

We spent the first day there hanging out at the beach and taking in the gorgeous views.

Volcano Villarica was spectacular and the view of the crystal clear lake with the mountain behind was breathtaking.

Pucón is all about outdoor adventures and we did as much of it as we could afford. On Friday, we climbed the volcano, which was quite the production. We had pants, helmets, backpacks, even an ice pick. It was a long, arduous climb but worth it when we finally reached the mouth of the volcano and took it the spectacular view.

The trip started with a 6am wake-up and suit up. We got our gear together and were driven to the summit. There, we decided to pay a little extra to take the chair lift to skip an hour of climbing. It was fun.

Once we reached the top (after 4 hours of intense climbing up steep, icy summits) we took pictures of the volcano mouth. The gas was a little icky, but it was so cool to be right up at the edge of the volcano’s center.

Ridiculous posing…

But the best part? Sliding down on the mountain on little butt sleds. So much fun!

The hostel we stayed at was great. It is called Paradise Pucon and I definitely recommend it as a budget friendly option for travelers. It was clean, comfortable, and had a laid back hippie vibe. We met lots of great people and the hostel owners set us up with all the tours right from the hostel with pick-up and drop-off.

That night, we took a dip in the thermal pools which felt great after a long climb.

Overall, a fantastic weekend with great people and fantastic views. Worth every penny!

Not much to report on the food front. The restaurants in Pucón and pretty touristy and overpriced, but I’ll be sure to post a new recipe soon!


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