Christmas and New Years 2012

During these lazy summer days I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus.

Christmas was nice. I went to Catholic mass and then to my friend Rocio’s house  for a lovely, multi-course meal and present opening at 12pm  (The tradition in Chile).

We started with some yummy Ecuadorian shrimp in cream sauce, followed by a fresh salad

And a delicious, fresh pastel de jaiba (crab) for the main course

Christmas Day I spent cooking latkes and brisket and sitting by my pool. Delightful.(For more on typical Chilean traditions, read my column here).

I spent New Years in Santiago with friends and caught the fireworks show at the Entel Tower. I was unable to go to Valpo (they have one of the biggest fireworks displays in the world), due to my own issues (just moved, money, unorganized) and havn’t heard the end of it still, but I had  a great time nonetheless.

The new year has meant new changes for me. New apartment (literally moved December 30th), new office building at work, and many friends have left in the last few months or are leaving soon (shout out to Isabel, Melody, Amanda, and more). I still have classes, but the pace is much slower, leaving more time to think about my time thus far in Chile and what lies ahead.

Reflecting back on the year, a lot has happened, but mostly the entire year has been all about Chile. A year of adventure, independence, and adapting to new people, sights, and general everyday life in South America. This was one, if not the best, decisions I have ever made and when I think about how unhappy I was at this same time last year, and how much I’ve grown as a person, I feel so proud that I was able to conquer my fear and take the plunge. And thus commences what I’m calling Part Two of my time in Chile. Part Two will include a two or three-week long trip in February (Peru, Bolivia), and generally more traveling which is exciting

Therefore, I have some new goals to start out 2012 but I’m trying to keep them simple. Last year mine was really simple: Drink more water. This year I’d like to…

1. Keep working on the Spanish. Living in an all-Spanish speaking apartment is a step forward, which si good.

2. Stay active and healthy. Keep the weight down.

3. Keep open and positive towards future possibilities. My plan as of now is to return to The States in June or July, which means I’m gonna need a “plan”. Not sure what that will entail, which causes me stress. I will try to keep positive and follow my gut.

4. Eat more greens! Always a good goal.

5. Aquire as much South American food knowledge as possible (in the works).

It could be that the recipes are a bit scarce for a while, because I’m in a new kitchen,  with new rules, new equipment, but I hope to sneak in a few before my trip in February.


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  1. Did you see my curanto pictures on FB? Amazing.
    You better stay til July so we can go Chang Thai-ing again!

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