Santiago’s Persa Bio Bio Market

It’s been about 10 months here in Santiago and I’ve never been to the Bio-Bio market. I’d heard some great things (see this article) and had to explore for myself. Honestly, one of the main reasons I wanted to go, was to try this famous burrito joint and Thai food stand I’d heard so much about.

So, yesterday, my friend Katie and Becky and I ventured down the yellow line, down to Franklin, to see what the fuss was about.

The Bio-Bio market is huge. Think La Vega times three. The majority of the market just sells furniture, but it is a mecca for those looking to furnish a new apartment.

We did eventually find the awesome burrito stand called Mi Jugo (Located at 606 Franklin). It was excellent. Tastes like back home, with yummy salsa and guacamole. We ordered the pimentón con crema (roasted peppers and cream) filling, and it was really tasty, and cheap, at about 2,400 CLP for a burrito (5 dollars). They also had a tremendous list of fresh juices, all for about 2 dollars each. They had everything from chirimoya, avocado, tuna (fruit), mango, beets, and even a few fruits I didn’t recognize. The mango juice I ordered was spot on, but I definitely recommend you order it sweetened.

I did not have enough money or room in my stomach to try the Thai place (Lai Thai) next door but it looked excellent and will make a trip back to try it.

We meandered the market for a bit, looking at odds and ends. There really is a strange arrange of items, such as old vinyl records, door handles, and some hair products if you so desire.

In the end, I think I’d rather hit up Patronato for most items (clothes), but this place is perfect for furnishing and decorating a new apartment.

Stay tuned for more food news, recipes, and my adventure to Peru and Bolivia!


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