Salt Flats of Uyuni

The trip to Uyuni from  La Paz was uncomfortable and bumpy.  I took the overnight bus (the only available) and it was not the nicest bus. I was very relieved to arrive safe and sound at 7am the next morning.

Getting off the bus I was a little lost. It was my original pre booked so I didn’t have to think. Luckily, I met a nice group of Argentinian girls who needed an extra for their tour group, so I signed up. I ended leaving straight away at 10 am that morning to begin my journey, but was lucky enough to find a hotel for a shower first.


First stop was the old train cemetery. Bolivia used to have a train system, but in 1950, the trains changed fuel system and they just abounded the old models. Because of the dry heat the train did not disintegrate over time.

After the trains came the best part: The salt flat itself. This is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. Miles and miles of white salt covered by a thin layer of water in all directions. The sky and the water seem to unite, and it feels as though you’ve stepped into some type of heavenly time warp.

Post salar, we were driven a long way to a hostel to stay the night. Dinner there was actually quite lovely, and the beds were warm and comfortable.


This day was all about the lagoons and desert. The first stop was the valley of the rocks, which looked like Arizona, but with bigger rock formations.

Second two stops were at these gorgeous lagoons to try and find some flamingos and enjoy the magnificent colors. I was blown away by the pastel shades, the mountains, and the contrasts. Stunning.

We had an excellent lunch with three different kinds of potatoes..

Last stop for Day Two was the National Park where you can visit el Lago Colorado. It costs to go it, but its worth every penny. It was windy and freezing, but the flamingos in the red water, with the green moss,  and grey mountains made for a picture perfect  painting like view.

The place we stayed at that night was a little rough, but we managed.

DAY THREE: Our 5am wake up  the next day was also not very fun, but we survived. We saw the geysers (freezing) and had breakfast.

Our last stop was to Laguna Verde, one of my favorites. There were no animals here because the lagoon has traces or arsine. Besides the poisonous chemicals, the view was incredible.

Truly, this was one of the most amazing trips of my life and I was left speechless on numerous occasions. It was very difficult to pick good photos…there were so many!



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3 responses to “Salt Flats of Uyuni

  1. jbavi360

    Hello Grace! Been reading your great blog as we are working on our own trip to South America. We are planning to be in Bolivia and Uyuni in late March. What tour company did you go with when you were there and did you like them?
    And your post says March 9. Were you there in March or was that just when you made this post? Thank you!

    • Okay, so, to be honest, I just sort of showed up early in the morning in Uyuni and looked around until I picked one I liked.But, that was because I was alone and had the freedom and spoke Spanish. I´ll try to remember the one I did, but to be honest, it all depends on what you want and need. Can you speak spanish or do you need an English guide? Will be you begin in Chile or Uyuni, Bolivia? I´ve heard Cordillera is good, but it wasn´t open when I booked. I´d probably recommend you DO book in advance, but when you arrive, make you you ask questions about lodging, food, etc. I went in late February and it was amazing! Unless you pay extra, this is usually a bit or a rough and tumble, early morning, cold weather, bumping around journey but it is worth EVERY minute! Have fun!

      • jbavi360

        Thank you for your quick reply and advice! We are pretty poor at Spanish so would need an English guide, or to be in a large group and find somebody who is good at Spanish. We will try to book in advance and have sent an email to Cordillera and a few others – thank you for the recommendation. We are actually going in and out of La Paz so we are trying to figure out how to make the trip up and down as painless as possible, We will probably take your night bus down from La Paz but we are dreading the ride back up. We may try to fly up from Uyuni.

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